The presents from Germany – great joy for the children

The wonderful gifts from Germany, which were prepared with great love and sent to our monastery, awakened much joy and warmed the children’s hearts.

As a small annunciation of the most joyful Christmas celebration, the Bigorsky monastery rejoiced with the cheerful tinkle of many children who received with a visible thrill the gifts presented by our Elder Archimandrite Parthenius. These presents were prepared with special love and care by their noble friends from the distant German country. Thus, the wonderful gifts which have recently been sent to our Monastery, enriched by the love and blessing of our beloved Father Parthenius, brought great joy and warmed with love the innocent children’s hearts. Those were truly wonderful moments of friendship with the Elder, moments of play and bright children’s smiles, for which we express our warm gratitude to the kind sponsors from the German school. Let this noble gesture inspire other generous hearts so that we could bring joy to many other children.