A school of love for the youngest ones in the Syrian monastery Saydnaya

The nuns of the Saydnaya Monastery are a great example as to how even in the extremely hard conditions, such as the situation their country is in right now, we should not forget one of the most important missions: work with the children.

“We had constantly been bombed from Lebanon, but we kept teaching, the school was practically on the street, we were under attack at least three times, but glory to God, there were no victims. God is taking care of us, watching over our church”, said the Abbess of the monastery Fevronia Nabham.

As a support for this noble mission of theirs, the Russian military forces presented the sisters of the Monastery with a large humanitarian aid shipment of а оваа благородна мисија.

According to the Mother Superior of the Monastery, Abbess Fevronia Nabham, at this time of the year, the children are learning French and English, as well as analyzing some texts from the Bible, there are especial creative workshops organized for them, and certain sports activities. The older pupils are preparing for tests. The Abbess also stressed that during the conflict, the northern part of the monastery territory had been bombed, but the classes continued, and the people from the nearby village helped the Monastery in every way they could, by providing food, but also financial help.

Such self-sacrificing activities of theirs should make us think that in this world, in the present atmosphere of freedom and democracy, we would have no justification at all if we don’t do something about the religious, i.e. the moral education of our children. Because we would not just be held responsible for what we did wrong, but also for what we could have and didn’t do.