The Ecumenical Patriarch reviled what was he bribed with regarding the Ukrainian autocephaly


The Ecumenical Patriarch replied with candies and chocolates to the accusations for bribery by Moscow, refusing to take seriously the attacks which he has lately been exposed to in connection to the motives behind his assigning of the Ukrainian autocephaly.
“Although the Russian Church accuses me that I have allegedly received money in order to create this autocephaly, actually it’s not money that I have received but rather a lot of candies and chocolates from the factory of Poroshenko”, he told the children who went to visit him this afternoon in order to sing the Christmas carols to him, which was actually a reply not just to the ecclesiastic circles in Moscow, but also to the President Putin himself.
As the Patriarch has told the children, the Ukrainian President, let by great joy that his Church received autocephaly, came to the Ecumenical Patriarchate with sacks of chocolate and candies from his factory.
Watch this moment on the video released by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The President Poroshenko has a chocolate factory, because just like Mr. Tramp, the President of America, he is a businessman, but at some point he decided to engage in politics, so he started a candidateship, just like Mr. Tramp, and they both won the elections. Now, out of joy that his Church was granted an autocephaly – although the Russian Church accuses me that I have received money to proclaim this autocephaly – actually I didn’t really received money, but rather a lot of candies and chocolates from the factory… the factory of Poroshenko. He sent me a lot of sacks like these, which I have already divided. These two are the last ones. I will open them, and throw them among you, so whoever is lucky – will get some of it.