Are these Five People the Only Ones Who are Guilty?

In the past few days, our society was darkened, unfortunately, by the terrible news of a gruesome spiritual darkness. We all learned about the brutal murder of an elderly honest man and an innocent lamb of God, a 14-year-old helpless girl. And who could remain indifferent to such news, not to be disturbed and horrified by such a satanic act?! Simply, every human soul is filled with bitterness and sorrow for such a beastly crime. And of course, it demands accountability. It demands the justice to prevail. It is natural for the human spirit to strive for justice. Not for hatred, not for revenge, but for justice. Because one of the attributes of our Creator is justice. “Justice and judgment are the foundation of His throne,” says the Holy Scripture.

“The Kiss of Judas” by Giuseppe Diotti, 1840.
“The Kiss of Judas” by Giuseppe Diotti, 1840.

So, having the sense of justice as natural, the question arises within us: how and why was such a horrible thing allowed? Not only what is the cause (if there is any reason and logic for such a mad act), but what is behind it and what would the genesis be that led to it? The security and legal prosecution authorities of the state confirmed that the main perpetrator of the beastly crime is a well-known and proven sociopath with a criminogenic pathology, who some media outlets described as a kind of “politician”, “journalist”, “entrepreneur”, “patriot” and so on. And here comes the most painful question, here burns the sting of the sense of justice. Why do we allow such villains to have public space in our society? Why do we tolerate such pests for so long allowing them to spread all kinds of hatred, to vomit various insults and slanders, to boast openly with various threats, among which of murders as well?! Why do such decadent people become patterns for following, examples that become our idols? Why did we have to wait for such a terrible crime to happen, to sober up and start looking for measures? And now, where to look for accountability, because within that imposed fog of silence and concealment in our entire society that has been dragging on for decades, we cannot see the rays of justice? Neither the previously asked why, nor the question of accountability should be felt as if a finger pointed at someone in particular, rather the responsibility falls, more or less, on all of us. We are all responsible for the moral erosion of society. Therefore, it is best for everyone to start by improving themselves. At the same time, we openly encourage the institutions and individuals not to give up the fight for a better, safer and fairer tomorrow, and instead to approach it with faith, that if we are persistent in good, it will inevitably prevail. Everyone can contribute, within their capabilities and authorizations, and of course, through the legal, moral and ethical system.

Among other things, one of the main obsessions of the mentioned murderer in the last 2-3 years was our Elder and spiritual father, Bishop Parthenius, and through him, our entire monastic community, as well as some other people, our friends, brothers and sisters. God knows just how many and how gruesome insults, threats and abominations we had to endure from that dark-minded man and some of his followers! Even open calls for expulsion, beating and lynching. Both through social networks, and personal contacts. We began to feel threatened, insecure, forced to live in uncertainty, in agony. And we spoke, wrote, appealed for the authorities to take measures, to prevent something more terrible from happening , but, unfortunately, our calls were not heded by our society. Of course, we Christians live a cross-bearing life and strive in humility. But there are limits, which, sanctioned by the laws of social order, must not be exceeded. It really saddens us that even now, in the analyses of the atrocities of the prime suspect and the monstrous murder, the suffering of some people from the Church is not even mentioned. This cruel and very harmful agenda was carried out through the extremely negative and slandering campaign, which, among other things, was supported by a foreign factor, well known for its destructive initiatives and moves that undermine the progress of our state towards better life. And it is not so terrible that we were a constant target of attacks. What is terrible is that an innocent girl was put to suffer in the silence of her youth. Therefore this calls for another ethical question. What about those collaborators of the demonized murderer – some of whom, to our great regret, are high clergy individuals from the ecclesiastical circles, who supported him in his malice, provided him with slanderous information, encouraged him in various ways to do the satanic work – the slandering and hatred? Shouldn’t they also be held accountable, or will we simply allow the cancer of malice to continue to spread in our society? Will we allow the responsibility for all that feast of evil to be borne solely by the main antagonist, and not also shared by those who ordered the attacks, who inflamed the atmosphere, who motivated him from aside in cunning concealment? Because when the useful value of the main villain is over, the ones who gave orders, and who are equally, if not more, experienced in hatred and slander, will soon go on a new predatory hunt and will join forces with a new ally in evil. Here, not so long ago, we had an example with the public exposure of the slanderous and extortionist activity of a portal, the owner of which exceeded all limits of decency and ethics. Spreading lies and insinuations he had destroyed the present, the future and the dignity of many individuals, just for the sake of material benefit. The authorities acted as they should and cleaned the wound, but unfortunately, the infection still continued to spread, because those who ordered these verbal abuses remain unchallenged by justice to this day.

The state, the institutions, the intellectual community, the various organizations and groups, in fact all of us, need to build a system that will immediately sanction and reject the politicians, the charlatans, the false patriots, the slanderers and the sowers of hatred. Among them, we regret to say, there are also some individuals from the ecclesiastical circles, who, should finally be called to account by the society, the state, the people, and above all by the Church itself. Let us remind you, several of the church clergy, as well as some “fateful”, actively participated in spreading false patriotism and in the threatening constructions, full of lies and fabrications, that were spread through the public addresses of the prime suspect of this monstrous murder. They even helped him open branches in some cities, in order to gain more visibility and higher political rating through the campaign for the aleged “saving” of the Church.

In any case, it is about time for each and every one of us to start from himself – to close the gates of our hearts for any malice, gloating, envy and hatred, because, as long as we feed on the slanders and curses against anyone, we become accomplices in the murder of someone’s innocent soul. Above all, of the pure children’s souls.

Our society has long needed to make a reform of values, or rather to return to the universal Christian values. Let us start now, because the lives of our children and every individual are simply too valuable.