The Best Gift for Christ

Before Christmas, in a home for abandoned children, a group of Christians arrived, and for the first time, the children had the opportunity to hear about God and Christmas.

The children were captivated by the Christmas stories from the Bible, hanging on every word. At the end, they were given crayons and a sheet of paper with the task to draw the “Nativity of Christ” – the stable, the manger, as they had seen in a picture.

Among them was a six-year-old boy named Misho, who drew and showed his unusual picture. He had drawn a cave with animals and a manger with two babies in it. The teachers were surprised by this drawing and asked Misho why he had drawn two babies.

Little Misho explained:

“When Mary placed the baby in the manger, Jesus Christ looked at me and asked if I had somewhere to be. I told him I had no mother, no father – nobody.

Then Christ said that I could stay with Him.

But I told him I couldn’t because I had no gift to offer Him, like the three wise men did. Since it was winter, and Jesus lay on the straw in the manger, I offered the only thing I had, asking Him:

‘If I come to lie next to You to keep You warm, would that be a good gift for You?’ And Christ replied:

‘If you warm me, it will be the most beautiful gift I have ever received.’

And so I climbed into the manger, and Christ looked at me and said that I could stay with Him forever.”

As Misho finished his story, a large tear rolled down his cheek…

This orphan found someone who would never leave him…

We may abandon God, but He will surely not abandon us. Even when we feel forsaken and alone, God knows the best path for our salvation.

It is up to us to recognize God’s presence, just as the boy in the story did, otherwise, in our grumbling, we will fail to learn to be carefree and healthy in spirit.