Ознака:Christ tomb

Services and Sacraments

A festive Liturgy at the Most Holy and Life-giving Tomb of Christ

As a Bearer of Life, even more wonderful than Heaven and brighter than any royal palace, Thy Tomb Christ - the source of our salvation has been revealed to us. To be able to stand at the place where the…

Services and Sacraments

Historical co-celebration of Liturgy at Golgotha in Jerusalem

Truly holy and most festive is this redemptive night, and the brightest of all, announcing the light-bearing day of the Resurrection; in it, the incarnated eternal Light blazed forth from the grave. Many o Lord My God are thy wonderful…

Services and Sacraments

Holy and Great Saturday

He Who enclosed the deeps is now seen dead; and the immortal One is laid in a tomb enclosed in a shroud with myrrh. Women, too, come to anoint Him, weeping bitterly and lamenting: "This Sabbath is blessed above all…