1000 km by Bike for 1000 Years of Bigorski Monastery

These days, to our great delight, another sports feat took place – 1000 km by bike for 1000 years of Bigorski Monastery. Namely, the well-known athlete, activist, and humanitarian, Mimi Stojanovska from Struga, rode 1000 km by bike in honor of the great Jubilee over a few days, of which the last 80 km from Struga to Bigorski. We are endlessly grateful for this great honor and love towards our millennium-old Sanctuary and wish her many more new sports and humanitarian challenges with which she will glorify God.

We convey her impressions from this wonderful sports experience:

Sports, as an inseparable part of my existence, constantly inspires me towards new life challenges.

From that inspiration, some time ago, emerged the project “Changing the World Through Physical Activity.”

Mimi Stojanovska

It is very important in all sports activities, just as in life, to set a clear goal you wish to achieve. In this way, the fight and motivation are even greater.

This year marks the great Jubilee of 1000 years since the existence of Bigorski Monastery!

However, for me, as a spiritual child of this sanctuary, it is a tremendous joy to live at a time when the 1000th anniversary of the ceaseless spirituality emanating from the temple of the Forerunner and Baptist John, under whose protection are the deeds of a great heart from which love constantly flows – the heart of Father Partenij, the abbot of the Bigorski Monastery and Bishop Antaniski.

Trying to combine feats in sports with spiritual endeavors, I came to an idea that fit well into the mission “Changing the World Through Sport” – 1000 km by bicycle in a few days, during the period from the beginning of July to the beginning of August, dedicated to 1000 years of Bigorski Monastery. The last 80 km by bike from Struga to Bigorski… Inspired by love, joy, and the spiritual energy from my dearest monastic hearts, my soul was constantly nourished with immense love to share this feat with them and with all people.

I was often accompanied by wonderful people to whom I constantly explained our purpose. And I always felt the same joy in their hearts.

The goal of the last 80 km, before the total 1000 km, was to share my joy and love at Bigorski Monastery, expressing immense gratitude to the monks for their support. I was accompanied by Žikica Ivanovski, a long-time athlete – ultramarathon runner, as well as with support from my family.

With a symbolic plaque for memory and gratitude, to my great joy, I had the honor to receive a blessing and personally thank the abbot of Bigorski Monastery and Bishop Ataniski, Father Partenij.