Athletic Feat by Marathoner Dr. Boško Iliev in Honor of the 1000-Year Anniversary of the Founding of Bigorski

The renowned Macedonian marathoner, 55-year-old Dr. Boško Iliev, who has swum in several lakes in the country and the region, yesterday honored the great Jubilee of 1000 years since the founding of our sacred Monastery by swimming across Debar Lake from Melnički Bridge to the dam before the city of Debar, covering a distance of seven kilometers in about three hours. Dr. Boško Iliev emphasized that this activity is also part of commemorating the 1000th anniversary of the Saint John Bigorski Monastery. The Bigorski Monastery is magnificent and celebrates a truly great jubilee this year, added Iliev.

Dr. Iliev, a specialist in sports medicine from Kavadarci, has participated in over 90 marathon races across the broader Balkan region, as well as in several lakes throughout our country.

Before starting the swim, Dr. Iliev also visited our monastery dependency, “Saint George the Victorious”, Rajčica, and paid homage to its relics, receiving a great blessing.

May God bless him for his endeavor and grant him good spiritual and physical health for new athletic feats in glory to our God.