Concert by the Philharmonic and Musical Celebration for the Millennium of the Bigorski Monastery

Grand Concert by the Macedonian Philharmonic in Honor of the Jubilee: “1000 Years of Bigorski Monastery”

According to the Holy Fathers of the Church of Christ, inspired music unites the soul with God. Such an extraordinary musical event, with sublime feelings that reach up to Heaven, was last night’s concert by the National Philharmonic, held in the grand hall, on the occasion of the millennium of the Sacred Bigorski Monastery.

In the presence of representatives of the highest ecclesiastical and state leadership, from the cultural, scientific, and societal life, the Philharmonic performed a concert worthy of every praise of ancient Macedonian original compositions, in which faith and love towards God and the Fatherland are sung, the readiness for sacrifice for them, as well as the striving towards beauty and sublimity. Among the present guests, this celebration was attended live by: His Beatitude, Archbishop Mr. Stefan, President Mr. Stevo Pendarovski, members of the Holy Synod of the MPC-OA, government officials, priests, monks and nuns, mayors, state officials, cultural, artistic, and scientific workers, devout believers… This unique event was dedicated by the Philharmonic to the Bigorski Monastery, which for 1000 years with prayer and holiness has been enriching the Macedonian land.

The concert featured Macedonian original compositions, whose orchestration was prepared by Mr. Vladimir Dimovski and Mr. Filip Ivanovski, with Mr. Vladimir Dimovski conducting.

This celebratory event was opened by the director of the Philharmonic, Mr. Viktor Ilievski, who addressed the attendees with a fitting speech:

Honorable President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Stevo Pendarovski,

Your Beatitude, Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia Mr. Stefan,

Your Eminences and Graces,

Esteemed representatives of the state authority and the diplomatic corps,

Respected guests and television viewers,

Allow me, as the director of this institution, the Philharmonic of the Republic of North Macedonia, on behalf of all employees, to thank you for the honor and for gracing us with your presence tonight.

Viktor Ilievski – Director of the Macedonian Philharmonic

I would also like to congratulate the great jubilee: ‘1000 years of Bigorski Monastery’, first and foremost to the abbot of the Monastery, Bishop Antaniski Mr. Partenij, and to his monastic brotherhood, and then to all of us, as it is an anniversary of a unique institution that has played a very significant role in the spiritual, cultural, and social development of Macedonia.

It truly represents a great honor that we can boast of a thousand-year spiritual-cultural historical continuity, in a time when many universal values are shaken, and when we especially need a beacon to remind us of our centuries-old tradition and to illuminate our path to the more beautiful, more sublime. And the Bigorski Monastery today, fully renewed and led by the abbot and Bishop Mr. Partenij, is exactly that – a spiritual torch, ignited with the fire of God’s love, light, peace, and truth.

I personally thank Bishop Mr. Partenij for his and his monks’ dedicated and fervent efforts not only for the material appearance of the Bigorski Monastery, which is a representative work of old and new Macedonian architecture but also for its very active mission, which is of special significance for our society. I am glad that Bigorski today faithfully follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, conveying to us the message of the creators of our culture and spirituality.

I thank my dear philharmonic musicians for investing in this work and contributing to the realization of this solemn concert.

I hope that with this solemn concert, the Philharmonic will make a significant contribution to the worthy commemoration of the Bigorski millennium. I thank the brothers from the Bigorski Monastery and the sisters from the Monastery in Rajcica for the honor, support, and cooperation around the organization of tonight’s event.

May we all celebrate the great jubilee: ‘1000 years of Bigorski Monastery’ and once again thank you for your presence.

I wish you a pleasant evening and auditory delight from our musical program.

During the grand concert by the Macedonian Philharmonic in honor of the jubilee “1000 Years of Bigorski Monastery,” the following compositions were performed:

  1. “Tam deka ima visoki čardaci” (Orchestration: Vladimir Dimovski)
  2. “Eleno, ćerko Eleno” (Orchestration: Vladimir Dimovski)
  3. “I nie sme deca” (Orchestration: Vladimir Dimovski)
  4. “Bor sadila moma Evgenija” (Orchestration: Vladimir Dimovski)
  5. “Kondisal Ajredin paša” (Orchestration: Vladimir Dimovski)
  6. “Parahodot mi pristigna” (Soloists: clarinet – Petar Hristov, violin – Igor Milevski, kanon – Timko Čičakovski)
  7. “Bog da ubiet Debrani” (Orchestration: Filip Ivanov)
  8. “So maki sum se rodila” (Orchestration: Vladimir Dimovski)
  9. “Marie, mlada nevesto” (Soloists: clarinet – Petar Hristov, violin – Igor Milevski, kanon – Timko Čičakovski)
  10. “1762 leto” (Soloist: baritone Kristijan Antovski, orchestration: Vladimir Dimovski)
  11. “Nit prela gora, nit tkala” (Orchestration: Filip Ivanov)
  12. “Crno mu bilo pišano” (Orchestration: Filip Ivanov)
  13. “Ajde slušaj, slušaj” (Orchestration: Vladimir Dimovski)

These performances showcased a blend of traditional Macedonian melodies and historical themes, orchestrated and presented in a manner that paid homage to the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Macedonia, in celebration of the millennium of the Bigorski Monastery.

The melodious harmonies were smoothly interrupted by the voice of Mr. Dejan Lilic, who with emotion and awe, read a brief history of the Sacred Bigorski Habitation between compositions.

The dignified and sublime musical program concluded with the performance of the triumphant troparion for Christ’s Resurrection, “Christ is Risen,” as a sign of the universal resurrection of Bigorski.

In the end, the director of the Philharmonic, Mr. Viktor Ilievski, once again warmly thanked the attendees and on behalf of all employees, presented a bouquet of flowers to our elder and abbot, Bishop Partenij. With a brief speech, our Bishop expressed his profound gratitude for the solemn event:

Your Beatitude, Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia Mr. Stefan

Honorable President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Stevo Pendarovski,

Respected guests, brothers and sisters monks and nuns,

Bishop Partenij of Bigorski – Speech at the solemn concert in the concert hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic on the occasion of “1000 Years of Bigorski Monastery”

Allow me from the bottom of my heart to thank the Macedonian Philharmonic for making this beautiful concert and thus contributing to showcasing to the world that our history has deep roots in the past and that we have such institutions, like the Bigorski Monastery, which despite all trials through history have persevered and will endure.

I beseech the prayers of our Most Blessed Archbishop Stefan and especially thank him for his presence here, as well as for his paternal support for the Bigorski Monastery. His prayers are much needed for us to persevere as monks until the end of our lives, to walk the difficult monastic path, in these especially challenging and temptation-filled times.

Once again, I thank these devout artists, led by their director, who graciously made this wonderful concert. Thank you all!

Grand Concert by the Macedonian Philharmonic in Honor of the Jubilee: “1000 Years of Bigorski Monastery”