Delegations from Bigorski, Rajčica, and Prečista in a Meeting with Metropolitan Mr. Timotej

Following the blessing of our elder, Bishop Mr. Partenij, today, two representatives from the monastic brotherhood of Bigorski and the sisterhoods of the Monasteries Rajčica and Prečista held a meeting with the respected hierarch of the Debar-Kičevo Diocese, His Eminence Mr. Timotej, at his metropolitan residence near Plaošnik in Ohrid.

The monks and nuns were warmly welcomed and received by our monk-loving Metropolitan. The occasion for today’s visit was a gift from our monastic community to our diocesan bishop – an identical copy of the miraculous icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of Krninska, from the Monastery Prečista Kičevo, an icon that Mr. Timotej especially loves and venerates. The icon was painted by the iconographer Ilče Đoreski from Kičevo.

In an atmosphere of spiritual joy and respect, the meeting discussed several current topics from the church life in our diocese, as well as some issues particularly affecting monasticism.