Documentary Film by MRT on the Bigorski Monastery

Dear readers,

In celebration of the grand jubilee of the Holy Bigorski Monastery: 1000 years since its foundation, Macedonian Television has prepared a documentary about Bigorski. Below is the short introduction by the authors of the film, followed by the documentary itself:

“It was a true challenge for MRT to be part of the historic millennial celebration of 1000 years of the Bigorski Monastery, especially for us, the authors of the documentary film, primarily because of the concern that perhaps, due to our immense desire, we might miss something, leave something unproven…. However, our hearts are full knowing that we have achieved our goal, with the film contributing to the promotion of the Bigorski Monastery, as one of our greatest sanctuaries, a center of culture, literacy, and art throughout the centuries.”

Script: Sanja Orusheva

Direction: Zoran Nefovski

Camera and drone: Zdravko Petrushevski

Editing: Irena Belul

Our monastic brotherhood expresses its immense gratitude to these god-loving souls.

Документарен филм на МТВ за Бигорскиот Манастир