The Litany of the Victorious Saint George Enchants Struga

Once again, a triumphant cry echoed through the streets of Struga. Metropolitan of Debar-Kichevo, Mr. Timotej, Bishop of Heraclea, Mr. Klement, Bishop of Antaniski, Mr. Partenij, monks, nuns, priests, deacons, and a vast number of faithful people from all corners of the country, and even beyond, united in the Paschal joy, traditionally paraded through the city with the relics of Saint George, his miraculous icon, and the Krninski miraculous icon of the Mother of God. Amid the splendid and festive Litany, representatives from political parties were also present. Hoping for the protection of the Victorious Saint and his intercession for us before the Throne of God, everyone was delighted by the horseman on a white horse, dressed in military attire identical to that of the holy warrior’s era. Children joyously reached out to people, handing them Easter eggs, an integral part of the Litany.

The saint graciously allowed his relics to be carried by his devotees Dimitar Jovanoski, Cvetko Choleski, Ivica Tomovski, and Slavcho Chakar.

The procession was further accompanied by his icon, through which he has been protecting the people of Struga since the 13th century, carried by Teodor Duracoski, Sergej Avramoski, Hristijan Shapeski, and the popular pop singer Lambe Alabakovski, as well as the Krninski icon, carefully guarded by the Prechistan nunnery, borne by Ilija Gjorgievski, Sinisa Naumoski, Sasho Stojkoski, and Goran Mojsoski.

The festive ceremony’s atmosphere was enriched by the cultural-artistic society “Ensemble Macedonia,” who expressed their love for the Victorious Saint through folk songs and dances.

This year, a special joy was the Kichevo choir “Metropolitan Kozma of Prechista,” which sang a hymn of praise to Saint George, the Soldier and Victorious.

It was awe-inspiring to see the entire Litany triumphantly parading through the streets of Struga, with not only locals from our country participating but also guests from neighboring countries. May the Saint accept this modest gift from those who love him and pour out his grace and protection over us!

Christ is Risen!