Prime Minister Mr. Kovačevski Visits Bigorski

This afternoon, the Sacred Bigorski Monastery had the honor of receiving the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Dimitar Kovačevski, accompanied by the Minister of Transport and Connections, Mr. Blagoj Bočvarski, the Minister of Local Self-Government, Mr. Goran Milevski, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Connections Mr. Bekim Redžepi, and other representatives from the government and local authorities. The esteemed guests were warmly welcomed by the abbot of the Monastery, Bishop Mr. Partenij, and the Brotherhood, according to the protocol for receiving government dignitaries. The guests were first taken to the church of Saint John the Baptist, where they were presented with the content and history of the church and the Monastery, followed by a visit to the Bigorski Library, where the Elder introduced them to a portion of the book collection, including several rare books.

Finally, Mr. Kovačevski and his entourage were invited to a monastic reception in the large synodicon, where they discussed various topics with the Elder. On this occasion, our Bishop and abbot explained more about the Gospel and social mission of the monastic brotherhood, as well as the daily activities of the monks. The Prime Minister and his colleagues highlighted the beneficial role played by the Bigorski Monastery in the Debar-Reka region and more broadly, characterizing it as a cultural center that, with its humanitarian mission, acts as a link that unites everyone in good coexistence, regardless of national, religious, and social affiliation.

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski pointed out that with the acceptance of the Ohrid Archbishopric into canonical and liturgical unity by the Ecumenical Patriarchate on May 9th this year, and the reconciliation with the Church of Serbia and its expressed goodwill to recommend our Church for autocephaly – the beauties and the inspired spiritual atmosphere of the Bigorski Monastery are now accessible to believers from all sister Orthodox churches, to witness the unity and ecclesiastical communion as one of the most essential values of Orthodox Christianity.