Scientific conference in honour of the 1000th anniversary of Bigorski Monastery

These days, with the blessings of the Debar – Kichevo Metropolitan Mr Timothy, as well as on the initiative and with the blessing of our Elder and Abbot, Bishop Parthenius, assisted by the organization and cooperation of PhD. Mr Sasho Cvetkovski, the Bigorski Monastery will host its First Scientific Conference, entitled: Following the footsteps of Dicho Zograf

The conference will be organized in honour of the great anniversary – 1000 years since the establishment and foundation of the Bigorski Monastery and it will be attended by a dozen prominent representatives of the Macedonian scientific community.

The official opening of this scientific gathering was held yesterday, in the yard of St. Peter and Paul’s church, in the native village of Dicho Zograf – Tresonche. A speech was given by PhD Sasho Cvetkovski – an associate of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and co-organizer of the conference, followed by a speech of the academic Zhivko Popov. On behalf of Bishop Parthenius, the participants and guests were greeted by a hieromonk from our fraternity. The opening was attended by scientists, students, residents of Tresonche, members of the association Brezovec, as well as by the director of the National Park Mavrovo, Mr Samir Ajdini.

After the opening event, a Trisagion was served for the peace and rest of the soul of Dimitar – Dicho Krstev. In the afternoon of the same day, at the great Guest Hall of the Bigorski Monastery, the official conference was opened by Hieromonk Kiril, with a tutorial dedicated to the first Archbishop of Ohrid and founder of the Holy Bigorski Monastery and our Holy Father John of Debar. The following days there would be lectures by PhD Sasho Cvetkovski, PhD Elizabeta Kasapova, PhD Vasil Gjorgjiev, PhD Aleksandar Vasileski, and others.