Fourth Mallorcan Scientific Conference

Between the 2nd and 5th of September, the Sacred Bigorski Monastery had the honor of hosting the fourth consecutive Mallorcan Scientific Conference, titled “Following the Paths of Dicho Zograph.” This esteemed scientific gathering was organized with the blessing of our respected Metropolitan, His Eminence Mr. Timothy of Debar-Kichevo, under the patronage and blessing of our Elder and Abbot of the Bigorski Monastery, the Right Reverend Bishop of Antania Mr. Partenij, in collaboration and co-organization with Prof. Dr. Sasho Cvetkovski.

The ceremonial opening of the conference took place on September 2nd, in the consecrated church of the Holy Chief Apostles Peter and Paul, in the village of Tresonče, the birthplace of Dicho Zograph, the icon of Macedonian fresco painting and iconography. The blessing for successful and fruitful work was sent by Elder Bishop Mr. Partenij, through the Very Reverend Archimandrite Mr. Dositej, who on that occasion served a trisagion in memory of the zograph Dimitar – Dicho Krstev and other creators of our spiritual art and culture. Professor Mr. Sasho Cvetkovski, a distinguished research associate from the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU), gave an appropriate address welcoming the organizers and participants of the scientific assembly. The event was attended by researchers, students, and members of the “Brzovec” association from the village of Tresonče, as well as the mayor of the Mavrovo and Rostuše municipality, Mr. Medat Kurtovski.

Over the following days, four sessions were held in the event hall of the Bigorski Monastery, where renowned researchers in the fields of art history and architecture gave their presentations. The following scholars contributed their works: Sasho Cvetkovski, Aleksandar Vasilievski, Darko Nikolovski, Nenad Makuljević, Svetlana Smolčić – Makuljević, Vasil Gjorgiev – Likin, and Boris Markovski.

The fourth Mallorcan Conference concluded on Monday evening with a ceremonial awarding of participation certificates. On behalf of Bishop Mr. Partenij, they were presented by the monastery’s economos Mr. Dositej, who thanked all participants and highlighted the importance of such scientific gatherings for the cultural and historical heritage of the region. A general summary of this year’s conference was the emphasis on the need for greater scientific attention to the unique iconostasis in the Bigorski catholicon, which represents a masterpiece of immense artistic and spiritual value, and as such, should be recognized as cultural heritage by UNESCO.