The Bigorski everyday life through the monastic song “Amidst the desert beauty”

For the purpose of preparing a video for the monastic song called “Amidst the desert beauty” professional teams consisting of a photography manager, producer, montage master and a director, have spent a significant time at the Bigorski sanctuary, truing with all their skill to successfully catch and put on a camera the everyday life in this Monastery. We are talking about a song which is a form of presentation of monastic everyday life, originally created by an Athonite monk, which the Bigorski brothers managed to translate and sing, thus creating a composition which attracts with its wonderful verses expressing the profoundness of monastic life, and with its warm archaic melody successfully conveys the mystical ambience in which the monk lives and works. The arrangement for this song was made by Vladimir Dimovski and it was recorded at the “Alshar” Music Studio, with Ivica Jankulovski.

The music was played by:

First Violine – Vladimir Cvetkovski

Second Violine – Petar Taseski

Viola – Vladimir Dimovski

Violoncello – Kiril Josifov

Contrabass – Mitko Ivanov

Lyra, Clarinet – Petar Hristo

Canon – Timko Chichakovski

Harp – Vesna Mikic


People responsible for the expert cut of the video:

Director and Montage: Goran Kostadinov

Camera: Kristijan Teodorov, Alexander Ivanovski

Drone: Darko Danilov

Postproduction: Ognen Shapkovski

We are immensely grateful to this professional team, which managed, without disturbing the rhythm of monastic life, to convey authentically that which happens every day at the monastery.