The Divine Liturgy once again shone with grace and illuminated us on Mount Golem Krchin

Where earth and heaven touch, where you greet the first rays of the sun that caress your soul, where the quiet wind seems to whisper mysterious things and the rare plants in various colors enliven your thoughts, where your senses are nourished by the morning song sung by birds and your entire being is awakened by the voice of silence, where gentle prayer flows and warms your heart, there, on Macedonia’s Tabor, at the peak of Golem Krchin (2341 meters above sea level), our tireless ancestors once built a temple, dedicating it to the Transfiguration of Christ.

By God’s mercy and with the blessing of our beloved Elder and Bishop Partenij, these days, on this magnificent mountain peak which rises opposite the Bigorski Monastery, a part of our monastic brotherhood and sisterhood served the Divine Liturgy, giving thanks to the all-good God for granting us the honor to celebrate His glorious Transfiguration this year again, seeking blessings for all people.

May He send His uncreated light, so all hearts may be enlightened and warmed with His divine grace.