Graceful climbing to Krcin

This is the seventh year since with the blessing of our Elder, Bishop Parthenius, the tradition was established to celebrate Holy Liturgy on the mountain top of Great Krcin, our so-called Mount Tabor of Transfiguration, our hill of joy. Part…


A thousand pilgrims for the Liturgy on the Krchin Peak in honour of the 1000-year jubilee of Bigorski

Fifth annual Liturgy on top of the Krchin Peak (2341 MSL) The Divine Grace of the Tabor uncreated light experienced at the place where heaven and earth meet is an especial gift from above. Man and creation become close with…


Liturgical festivity on the top of Krchin

It’s the third year since our fraternity of the Bigorski Monastery and the sisters of the Rajchica and Prechista convents, lead by our beloved Abbot and Elder, Archimandrite Parthenius, started serving with great love and dedication a Divine Liturgy on…