A thousand pilgrims for the Liturgy on the Krchin Peak in honour of the 1000-year jubilee of Bigorski

Fifth annual Liturgy on top of the Krchin Peak (2341 MSL)

The Divine Grace of the Tabor uncreated light experienced at the place where heaven and earth meet is an especial gift from above. Man and creation become close with their Creator, they unite with the One who influences the hearts and touches them in a very special, mysterious way, thus making them a vessel of His endless love. Indeed, there is nothing more beautiful than to become One with God, nothing is more meaningful than the spiritual freedom in Christ, which brings rich spiritual benefit to the human soul.

By God’s providence, this year’s, fifth annual Liturgy on top of the Krchin mountain (2341 MSL) coincides with the 1000-year jubilee since the foundation of the Holy Bigorski monastery. It attracted the attendance of a great number of faithful who stood before the elevated cross, united in their thoughts, hearts and minds, asking blessing from God for them and their neighbours. So, in honour of this great jubilee, more than 1000 people-hikers, mountain climbers and nature lovers…including several participants from Serbia, who came for this particular occasion, made so far unseen feat, demonstrating huge love, spiritual joy and respect for the mission of our Monastery. Because our sanctuary has been a powerful conductor of the light of the Transfiguration in the hearts of people. Their smiles were the greatest testimony of the grace they received, and the thrill of their hearts expressed their gratitude towards our Elder and Abbot, Bishop Parthenius, who gave them the privilege to attend such unusual event and venture.

The wonderful experience of this graceful event on the mysterious heights of Krchin was shared of the EU ambassador in Macedonia, Mr Samuel Ẑbogar. Our monastic fraternity and sisterhood would like to express the deepest gratitude to the dedicated members of the Μountain Rescue Unit from the Red Cross organization in Ohrid, as well as the Red Cross members from Bitola who made sure that this year also, the safety of every individual on the track was maximally preserved, thus showing their faithful love and respect for our Elder and Abbot, Bishop Parthenius. A great addition to the organization was the participation of the mountain guides from the Macedonian association for international mountain guides (MAIMLA) as well as the Mountain federation of North Macedonia (MFNM), with their professionalism, support and selfless love towards everybody. We are sincerely grateful to them and we ask the most merciful God to feel their hearts with heavenly joy and multiply the benefit of their efforts so that they could always be filled with Divine strength, in facing the challenges they come across every day.

May God protect, strengthen and safeguard our Bigorski monastery, so that we can continue our evangelical mission for all the centuries to come! Amen!
Climbing the Great Krchin Peak (2’342 m), July 2020