“This is the holy and Great Lent“ – a new video for the first Lenten song

This past period one more video was made at the Bigorski Monastery, this time for the first Lenten song (carol) titled “This is the holy and Great Lent”.

Its purpose was to invite all the faithful to take part in the salvational Lenten days.

Namely, one should know that the richness of the Byzantine music has left a mark on the entire world. It is evident from the fact that the Gregorian chanting is a foundation of the European music, while as a foundation of the Gregorian chanting is the Byzantine music. This music imprinted on the entire world culture. Through it the Byzantine civilization spoke to every human being. The Orthodoxy spoke to people inside the church, but also out of it. For instance, there were songs for every occasion – carols – which used to be sung by the people in the streets. Before Christmas the people sang Christmas carols, before St. Basil’s day they sang about the holiday. Even for the Teophany there were carols, everywhere the festive joy of the holiday was announced. There was also e carol for the Great Lent. People walked the streets and humbly and quietly sang and played music, because they were to remind everybody that a very important time for them is approaching. This is the very content of the song. It’s truly wonderful to know that our nation too was a part of such great Byzantine heritage.

What’s most interesting is that this video with its unusual screen script tells an old story which, as we strongly believe, would certainly make the entire orthodox nation proud of its legacy, especially the Miyaks, i.e. those who live in or originate from the renowned Miyak area

Thus, this first Monday of the very beginning of the Great Lent, we give you the opportunity to see the latest video for the wonderful traditional song, performed by the faithful guardian of our cultural tradition, the folk ensemble “Macedonia”.

The team who committed themselves with great effort and love to make this video consists of:

Director and montage: Goran Kostadinov

Camera: Alexander Ivanovski, Christian Teodorov

Drone: Nebojsha Petrevski

Interpretation: Ensemble “Macedonia”

Huge gratitude to all of them.

We sincerely hope that this rich composition would reach the entire public and win their hearts, slowly introducing them in the wonderful atmosphere of the Great Lent.



This is the holy and Great Lent

This is the holy and Great Lent, the holy days are now,
When the people go to church, and the priests chant,
They read “Holy God” and the Holy Gospel;
Those who read it will be saved, those who listen are sanctified,
And the one who fulfills it – enters the gates of Heaven.

This is the holy and Great Lent, the holy days are now,
When with fasting and praying, we celebrate Christ our Lord,
For He goes to take passion, for our salvation.
Let us all go with him, and eagerly tell Him this:
Remember us, dear Lord, in the Kingdom of Yours!