First Monday of Lent – Clean Monday

Today is the day for repentance, a day of salvation and the beginning of a fast. Be awake, my soul, and close the doors of the passions, and turn to the Lord. These tender verses open before us the door through which we enter into that space where our inner self, free from the passions, resides. Finding nothing else, but the light of hope that the Lord will save us from this fallen state, we silently begin our journey, faithfully singing: Come, people, let us accept the gift of the fast today, as a time of repentance, graciously given by God, and in which we may find mercy in the Savior

To fast with a fasting that is pleasant and pleasing to the Lord, the true fasting is to: avoid evil, control the tongue, reject anger, desires, worries, lies, and breaking promises. If you abandon these things, the fast is genuine and pleasing.