Synod of the Holy Archangels – A Day of Angelic Joy

In the quiet and peaceful embrace of our Holy Monastery, last night and today, with a vigil and Divine Liturgy, we celebrated the tender memory of the honorable, heavenly, bodiless Powers, who strengthen the souls and gladden the hearts of people. The angels, those radiant messengers of God’s love and wisdom, are a constant source of inspiration, enlightenment, and miracles for all of us.

In the mystical aura of the night’s communion with the Holy Angels through prayer and liturgical hymns, our spirit contemplates the heavenly beings as intermediaries between the Divine and the mundane, as bridges that connect our earthly existence with the metaphysical space of Heaven. Indeed, at the vigil, their powerful presence was felt, expressed through the grace-filled palpitations of our hearts.

The angels are those who teach us to be sober and vigilant, for they always watch over us, protecting us and guiding us in our spiritual ascensions. Their watchful eyes see not only our actions but also the intentions of our hearts. They recognize the struggles, falls, and triumphs in our inner battles and always give their support and encouragement when we want to draw closer to God.

Today, however, on this blessed day of the Synod of the Holy Archangel Michael and all the heavenly Powers, the holy mystery of the Eucharist, served with great love and dedication by our dear Elder, Mr. Bishop Antaniski Partenij – that lover of God’s pure servants, was an inexplicable union of the two worlds, the human and the angelic. The entire mystery was a deep call to our inner selves to emulate the Angels in their tireless dedication to God’s will and their incessant praise. To be like them, messengers of love, empathy, and light in this world, which is often shrouded in darkness. May our hearts be open to the divine whispers that guide us towards acts of kindness, selflessness, and holiness.

And while we celebrate the feast of the Holy Angels, let us remind ourselves that we are never absolutely alone. These heavenly companions journey with us, invisible, but really present, as we travel towards the Kingdom of God. In the spirit of this angelic feast, let us continue to strive for holiness and purity of heart, so that one day we too may join the heavenly choir and sing praises to the Face of God, surrounded by the radiant presence of the Holy Angels. May their beneficial presence fill our hearts with goodness and joy, and may their example inspire and enlighten us, so that we may live lives that reflect the radiant beauty of God’s love.