Echo from Eternity: Celebrating Saint George the Victorious in Knezhino

Amidst the mystical echo of prayers offered for centuries, upon the silent yet historically polyphonic remnants of stone walls, marble capitals, and columns, in the prayerful hesychasm of the ancient Knezhino Monastery, the memory of its glorious patron – Saint Great Martyr George the Victorious was joyously and gratefully celebrated yesterday and today. The feast of the renewal of the Temple of Saint George in Lida Palestine was a true occasion for part of our monastic community, wisely and beautifully led by our beloved Elder, Bishop Antaniski Mr. Partenij, to gather around their beloved Saint, who to this day, and after seventeen centuries of his glorious martyrdom, is a living example of the action of Divine grace in the world. For, with his martyrdom and unwavering faith, he still shows the path to spiritual perfection and communion with the Divine light; he incontrovertibly testifies to the transformative actions of God’s uncreated energies present in the life of the Church.

The Knezhino Monastery, therefore, dedicated to this great prince of Christ – Saint George, was a spiritual focal point for two days where many faithful gratefully met and communed with Christ God.

Our God-loving Elder, keeping in mind that the renewal of physical buildings like the glorious Temple of Saint George in Lida is also a symbol of the constant need for the renewal of our souls and hearts for God, used today’s feast for a joyful celebration of the triumph of faith and the constant presence of Christ in the lives of the faithful. Encouraging us to follow the example of Saint George in our daily struggle for virtues and holiness, Saint Antaniski in his inspiring word at today’s Holy Liturgy spoke of the necessity to rise above this world, crucifying ourselves for it and resurrecting for Christ.