Christmas caves for every Christian home

She who gave birth to the One born before the beginning of all ages – the Infant Christ – is again preparing to give birth to Him in our hearts. The manger is ready to welcome Him, the living world to rejoice in Him, the angels to sing to Him and their song the humble shepherds to hear, and the wise men to worship Him. For behold, He comes again to save the world from decay, descends to earth for the earthly ones to lift them up to heaven.

“In a cave He is born, in a manger of animals, the King of the universe, the Lord of all creation.”

So let us also hasten, let us lift up our eyes from the earth to the sky, let us hurry and meet the Holder Lord. From our hearts let us make a manger and give it to the Infant Christ, for behold He comes again to be born in them.

Let us decorate our homes with another worthy ornament – a Christmas cave – which while our eyes look at it will constantly tell our heart: “Open up! He is coming, welcome Him!”

– Christmas caves made by the hands of the nuns from Rajcica.

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+389 75 245 791Sister Filotea.