The world champion Adam Ondra visited The Bigorski and Rajchica Monastery

These days our two holy monasteries Bigorski and Rajchica, were visited by the worldly famous sport climbing champion Adam Ondra. The 25 year old Adam, born in Brno, for several years now has been a member of the Czech sport climbing national team and a favorite sports character, not just in his country, but also worldwide. According to the experts in this field, Adam is so far the best and the most rewarded sport climber, but also the only one who has managed to simultaneously win the World Cups and Championships in different climbing categories.

Namely, at present Adam is at the end of his several months long Balkan climbing tour, which covers sport climbing and sharing the experience of endeavors in the best sport-climbing localities in several countries, such as Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and of course, Macedonia. By the suggestion of his host in our country, the President of the Sport-Climbing Federation of Macedonia, Vladimir Trpovski, Adam chose the hardest climbing routes in the wonderful and inspiring caves of Mavrovo. During the stay in our country, he spend his only day off visiting the Bigorski and Rajchica Monastery, the mission and activity of which he was very familiar and impressed with. Being touched by the warm welcome he came across, he and his crew decided to spend literally the whole day in the company of the monks. What is most significant, as a result of this rock-climbing tour, several documentaries are to be released, and many of the scenes in them are shot in the Bigorski and Rajchica monastery. Adam, who is undoubtedly highly popular and extremely dedicated to the challenges of this attractive sport discipline, is actually a simple, modest and positive person, and didn’t miss the opportunity to share with the monks his interesting experiences and impressions, as well as his future professional challenges.

Photos: Pavel Otevrel