(Video) Elder Gregory, Abbot of Docheiariou Monastery, Mount Athos, reposed in God

Elder Gregory, Abbot of Docheiariou Monastery (1942 – 2018)

Sometime before midnight, at the age of 76, reposed in God the Abbot of the Holy Docheiariou Monastery on Mount Athos, Elder Gregory.

The blessedly reposed Elder was by origin from Paros, where he became a monk and spend his first monastic years, then continued his monastic fit on Patmos, before he moved to Mount Athos. On Paros he got spiritually connected and became a spiritual child to the blessed Elder Philoteus, and on Patmos he was under the guidance of St. Amphilochios Makris.

Before his arrival on Mount Athos, he was an Abbot of the Holy Monastery Myrtia, and the Prousos Monastery near Karpenisi. Coming to Mount Athos he became Abbot of the Holy Docheiariou Monastery, which he revived, consolidated and guided for four decades.

Everybody was familiar with the simplicity and honesty of his life and character.