Condolence on the tragic events

The Holy Bigorski Monastery, with its Elder, the Bishop of Antania Mr. Parthenius, expresses its deepest sympathy to the relatives of the murder victims Panche Zhezhovski and Vanja Gjorchevska, comforting them that in these tragic and difficult moments the prayers and hearts of the monastic brotherhood are with them. We earnestly pray for the repose of the souls of the victims, standing with firm faith that the merciful Christ God will receive them in His heavenly dwellings, by the calm waters of eternal repose.

Also, with a feeling of undisguised bitterness and deep sorrow, we admit just how much we were shocked by the vile and gruesome act of this double murder. Cannot help but feel disappointed that despite our constant indications and warnings about the abundant space in the public discourse given to various sociopaths, proven and irreparable criminals, manipulators, politicians, people with a sick mind and speech, who spread only hatred, slander, mockery, insults, threats, unfortunately, we still remain a society that does not sanction and reject these personalities. The last event is a consequence of such social irresponsibility. It brought to the surface the dire price of all that malice that is silently tolerated and given presence and space in our society, mostly in the media and on social networks, but also in the system in general. Not to mention the invisible damage, which is impossible to measure. We appeal that a higher social awareness is applied, so that in the future our public space would prevent the domination of personalities who can only sow hatred, aggression, morbid messages, immorality and fear. Because, when a person constantly consumes the bad, he himself becomes bad. Let us pray to God, for the good and peace to prevail, first in our hearts, personally, and then to be able to spread it over to the environment that surrounds us. Because it is not possible to contribute to the general Good in the world, if we do not first awaken this Good in our own heart.

Dear children in Christ, Vanja and Panche, may you inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and the good Paradise!