The First Christmas Play in Our Country

“The Most Beautiful Gift for Christmas” – The First Christmas Play in Our Country

In the joyful ambiance of the pre-Christmas days, the youngest residents of Skopje had a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the holiday of the Nativity of Christ, through the dramatic performance of the story “The Most Beautiful Gift for Christmas” by the author Voskresija Badnikovska. The production company “Auripigment” stood behind this project and really put a lot of effort into it, and popular young actors from the film school “Tintiri Mintiri” also participated in the realization. This first dramatic work of such kind with the participation of so many children – actors, and generally the first Christmas play in our country, which was set in the theater “Comedy”, had the honor in its performance to record the names of renowned actors Dejan Lilić and Marina Pop Pankova. Their magical performance and incredible charisma on stage successfully immersed the audience into the beauty of the Christmas event and actively sparked interest in the messages emanating from the content of the drama. Skillfully composed dialogues, which, in addition to the Christmas event, also addressed current topics, well fulfilled their role and conveyed to the children a true festive mood and a sense of greater camaraderie, love, and kindness, and did not fail to sweetly amuse them with the comedic notes that breezed through the drama.

Besides the mentioned, the success and massive attendance of this dramatic work were also significantly contributed to by the director Kuzman Kuzmanovski, dramaturgical collaborator Biljana Krajčevska, musical collaborator Vladimir Dimovski, popular singers Vlatko Lozanoski – Lozano and Dimitar Andonovski, as well as the TV Kanal 5 host Vane Markoski.

We hope that performances of this educational type will become a regular practice, especially towards significant Christian holidays and events.