Tabor’s Radiance on Mount Krcin

For the fourth consecutive year, our brotherhood from the Bigorski Monastery and our sisterhoods from the monasteries of Saint George the Victor and the Holy Mother of God Pure, led by the blessing of our beloved Elder, Archimandrite Partenij, with utmost love and exalted feelings, celebrated the Divine Liturgy on the summit of Mount Golem Krcin (2341 m). More than 600 faithful – hikers, climbers, athletes – gathered from all over our country to ascend this marvelously beautiful peak, and there, in anticipation of the Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ, to meet with the Good God, Who filled their hearts with double joy. For, serving God on these natural heights is a particularly profound experience. It seems as if heaven and earth unite and rejoice together, offering thanks to God for the great blessings with which He fills our souls. The Divine energy of love and the joyful spiritual atmosphere emanating from the service itself, we believe, will contribute to this extraordinary experience being recounted for a long time to come. It was indeed beautiful to see the large number of communicants, who for their unusual endeavor received an abundant blessing of grace. May God enlighten their hearts, that all may know Him in His exalted love; for love is the salt of the earth, love is the answer to all bitterness, it makes everything filled with deep and divine meaning.

When speaking of love, we must also mention the dedication shown by the members of the “Mountain and Inaccessible Terrain Rescue Unit of the Red Cross from Ohrid,” as well as the members of the Red Cross from Bitola, who ensured the safety of the vast number of attendees. Equally important was the participation of guides from the “Macedonian Association of International Mountain Guides” (MAIMG) and the “Federation of Mountain Sports of Macedonia” (FMSM), whose professionalism and support were of special importance for the good organization of this prayerful journey. We sincerely thank them and pray to the merciful Lord, by the power of His Holy Spirit, to fill their hearts with heavenly joy and to multiply the fruit of their labors, so they may always be filled with strength from above, which they greatly need in the challenges they constantly face.