Liturgical festivity on the top of Krchin

It’s the third year since our fraternity of the Bigorski Monastery and the sisters of the Rajchica and Prechista convents, lead by our beloved Abbot and Elder, Archimandrite Parthenius, started serving with great love and dedication a Divine Liturgy on the top of Krchin, on the altitude of 2341 meters. Directing all our strength towards the climbing of these heavenly heights, we shared with all the people present there a really rare and blessed experience to attend this unusual Divine Service which is being served on the mountain top of Krchin by hieromonks and hierodeacons of our monastic fraternity.

In the presence of more than 350 faithful – alpinists, hikers, sportsmen and cherishers of the Orthodox Divine Services amidst the beautiful nature, we had a wonderful opportunity together with all of them to convey to our Lord our sincere prayers and spiritual warmth of the heart. Because it’s truly a great fit for a man to climb on this amazingly beautiful mountain top and there, near the remains of the previous church dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ, to serve Him in a mysterious and deep contemplation – a service as if happening in heavens. Our joy was immense seeing so many people taking Communion – the Body and Blood of Christ. We really believe that this spiritual – physical fit would bring them great joy and peace of heart and would be a blessing for all their neighbors.

One could not but see the great sacrifice which characterized the members of the “Mountain and dangerous terrains rescue unit” of the Red Cross organization in Ohrid. They took special care and efficiently made sure that everybody on this trip was safe. Equally important to us was the presence of the licensed hiking leaders from “The Macedonian Association for International Hiking Leaders” (MAIVP), as well as from “The Federation of Mountain Sports in Macedonia” (FPSM), whose assistance, support and professionalism were especially significant for the good organization of this unusually attractive route. With their sincere care and goodness of heart they have indulged us to gratefully pray for them for the rest of our lives. May God bring them happiness and fill their hearts with love, thus multiplying the fruit of their efforts. Amen!