The British Ambassador, Mrs. Rachel Galloway, visited the Bigorski Monastery

On Wednesday the 18th of November, Her Excellency the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Mrs. Rachel Galloway, accompanied by diplomatic representatives of the British Embassy, ​​visited our Monastery.

To our great honor, the meeting was organized at the request of the Ambassador, eager to discover our Monastery, to get acquainted with the daily monastic life, as well as to meet with our Abbot, Elder and Bishop Parthenius. Our esteemed guests were warmly welcomed by our monastic fraternity, the Hieromonk Cyril introduced them with the 1000-years history of our Monastery, and the delegation was able to discover the monastery complex and annexed rooms.

After the walk through the Monastery, Mrs. Rachel Galloway was received by the Bishop Parthenius in his office. During the meeting, she expressed her gratitude for the hospitality and admiration for the history, the overall architectural appearance and the mission of the Monastery. In addition, they discussed the current situation in the country. The Ambassador and the diplomatic representatives were sent with the most sincere thanks for their visit and the start of a new sincere friendship. Shortly after the visit, on her Twitter account, the Ambassador shared her impressions: 

“I was welcomed by His Eminence Bishop Parthenius of Antania, Abbot of the Bigorski Monastery. After all the tribulations the monastery went through with fires and wars, it still survives and contributes to the spiritual, cultural and historical heritage of the Macedonian people”.

Earlier this year, on September the 15th, the British Ambassador Mrs. Rachel Galloway visited the Monastery of the Great Martyr St. George the in Rajcica, where she was warmly welcomed by the sisters and the Hieromonk Fr. Dositheus.

Our monastic fraternity expresses its gratitude to Mrs. Rachel Galloway for her respect and admiration towards our sanctuary.