The second summer camp on Religious Education at Bigorski and Rajčica concluded

Through divine services, learning, obedience, fellowship, play, and recreation, the second summer camp on Religious Education in the Holy Monasteries of Saint John the Baptist and Saint George the Victorious passed. Around forty children from various corners of the country, staying for a few days in our monasteries, not only listened to their favorite lessons on faith and spiritual life but also gained some important knowledge in the field of ecology. Particularly interesting to them was the meeting with the leadership of the Red Cross from Debar, comprised of Isni Telkiu (Secretary of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, municipal organization Debar), Dr. Dragan Klopčevski (first aid lecturer), and Mirzana Telkiu (first aid demonstrator) whose experts acquainted the children with the basic ways to provide assistance to the injured and persons in danger. For this, we are endlessly grateful.

However, the most significant for them were the meetings with our Elder, Archimandrite Partenij, whose presence causes immense joy among the young, and his spiritual lessons – sweet food for their souls.

Klement Nestoroski, 13 years old, from Struga – I thank God for bringing us here and to Father Partenij for welcoming us into this sacred temple. I also thank Father Mitrofan for enabling us to visit beautiful places inside and outside the monastery. A big thanks to Father Kozma for teaching us new songs. I was delighted when Father Mitrofan took us out to show us the beauty of nature and the Duf waterfall. I also thank Father Amvrosij for allowing us to sing at the canon of St. John and the teacher who was with us all the time. I’m sad to leave but eagerly await the day when I can come again.

Živče Petreski, 13 years old, from Skopje – What thrilled me was the variety of services. I thank Father Partenij for inviting us all to the camp. Such beautiful icons, a beautiful church, and lovely accommodation. The most wonderful moment was when we entered the ossuary, saw the skulls, and smelled the bones. One of the better things was when they taught us religious education. I thank Father Mitrofoan for reading books to us and Angel for showing us movies and Father Kozma for teaching us prayers.

Gorjan Tasevski, 11 years old, from Skopje – I thank God for bringing us to this holy place. I thank Father Partenij for organizing this camp and for blessing me. The liturgies were very beautiful. Here I learned many prayers. Above all, I came to learn what it’s like to be a monk. All the monks were kind, and I am surprised. I would like to be like you monks.

Leonid Rabrenović, 11 years old, from Skopje – I give thanks to God and Saint John for coming to this holy monastery. Also, a big thank you to Father Partenij who with great paternal love welcomed us into the monastery. We arrived on Monday and left on Friday. During these days at the camp with Angel the novice, we went to the Radika river and a meadow by the river where we played many games. We were in the ossuary and the library, attended many liturgies and canons. We were also in the computer room, where Dragan explained the website while Father Anatolij quietly worked. I had a great time. Thank you for welcoming us, Father!

Marko Petkovski, 6 years old, from Bitola – First of all, I thank St. John for helping us visit this beautiful monastery with its wonderful monastic brotherhood. I also thank Father Partenij for receiving us joyfully. The monastic brothers taught us gratitude and humility. They also instructed us in our Christian faith. They were also very kind to us, and I would like to visit this beautiful place more often. It would be good for other children and adults to visit St. John of Bigorski Monastery.