Visit of Bishop Mr. Partenij and Part of the Rajčica Sisterhood to His Beatitude Archbishop Mr. Mr. Stefan

With heartfelt gratitude for the archpastoral blessing and wisdom that enabled historic concelebrations in the Holy Land, including in the greatest sanctuary of the All-Holy Sepulchre of Christ, our elder, Bishop of Antania Mr. Partenij, along with a part of the sisterhood of the Rajčica Monastery “St. George the Victorious,” visited His Beatitude Archbishop Mr. Mr. Stefan, to present him with a humble gift from the holy city of Jerusalem – a bishop’s panagia with the image of our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ.

To the great joy of the Elder and our monastic family, His Beatitude took this blessed opportunity to gather almost the entire female monasticism of the diocese at his residence, under the patronage of St. George the Victorious, making this meeting a heartfelt and joyous monastic fellowship with beautiful shared impressions from the pilgrimage to the Holy Places and the grace-filled liturgies, which are inscribed in golden letters in the history of our holy Church.