Prayer Service for the Departed before the start of Great Lent

Today is a day when the entire Orthodox Christian world offers a prayer service for the departed. A memorial service. Our departed brothers and sisters eagerly await these days of the year when a prayer service is held, as it gives them comfort and improves their state. It is our duty to care for our departed brothers and sisters, as we are one flock under the Shepherd Christ, and in doing so we ourselves receive great benefits. Giving alms in the name of the departed draws God’s mercy and blessings towards us.

In our monastery, where for over a thousand years monastic and Christian blood and sweat have been shed in struggles, battles, prayers, and temptations, in gratitude, praise, and prayers to God, the connection with our ancestors is particularly strong and alive. Remembering all of them by name and rank, as well as all those who come to our minds, we beseech mercy from the good and loving God. Our Elder Bishop Mr. Partenij presided over this moving service called a Panikhida. This prayer for us monks is our connection with God, with the heavenly, with the future.

“Grant rest, O Lord, to the souls of your departed servants in the land of the living, in the abode of rest, in the Kingdom of Christ our God, and make their memory eternal!”

Memory eternal!