The Presentation of the Lord – a meeting with God and with oneself

Today, the Lord comes to meet mankind. In reality, the Lord is not hidden somewhere in an unknown place, and now decided to come and meet humanity, because He is present everywhere and always present. But what actually happens? The Lord humbles Himself, He lowers Himself, He shows Himself as a man, He does everything for humanity to understand and realize what the Lord expects from them. He comes to meet man so that man first desires and does everything to meet God. And why do people run away from God? Why do they hide from Him? – Because meeting with God is also meeting with oneself. We cannot meet God without meeting ourselves, and conversely, we cannot meet ourselves without meeting God. God is the most common mirror for us, in which each of us, looking into Him, sees oneself as they are, because we are created in the image of God. Perhaps the fear of meeting oneself prevents us from seeking and meeting God.

The meeting of Moses with God on Sinai made Moses himself become light, for God is light. When Moses came down from the mountain, he covered his face so that the Israelites could look at him, as his face shone with a powerful light. Similarly, the more we meet with the living God, the Father of lights, the more we purify ourselves through self-knowledge and become light. Lord Jesus speaks to us about this light, saying, “You are the light of the world…

We all have the precious opportunity and privilege to meet with the Living God here on earth. This encounter is realized in the Sacrament of Holy Communion, by partaking with Him through His Body and Blood. And the more genuine and profound our preparation for this encounter is, the greater our share and pledge for the great and complete meeting in eternity.

In our Holy Temple, during the evening vigil and the morning Divine Liturgy, our most beloved Elder and Father in Christ, Bishop Antanisky Mr. Partenij, presided in the presence of our sisterhood from our metochion, along with many Christians. Everyone was standing for the meeting with God, our Life.