The Birth of Saint John the Baptist – A Joy for the World

Today, we gather to celebrate the birth of the greatest born of women, the Lord’s Baptizer, Saint John. With love, we commemorate and sing of his miraculous birth, a cause for joy in the Church, for from him begins the New Testament proclamation, and the prophets see their fulfillment. His holy prayers and intercession have for centuries fortified his abode known as Bigorski, where the voice that calls “Repent!” perpetually resonates. Bigorski, always close to the pain and joy of every Christian, today was a universal center of joy where many grateful hearts congregated to celebrate the Nativity of Saint John. With a vigil and Divine Liturgy presided over by the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Debar-Kichevo, Mr. Timotej, in concelebration with our Elder and Abbot, Bishop Antaniski Mr. Partenij, the archimandrites, hieromonks, and hierodeacons of our Holy Monastery, and the presbyters Mr. Goran and Mr. Pavel, and protodeacon Mr. Nikolche from Ohrid, the eternal beacon of the Church of Christ and the exemplar of monks, the Divine Baptizer, was glorified.

During the Holy Eucharist, our competent Metropolitan Mr. Timotej, with praises for Saint John and teachings for the faithful, delivered his festive sermon, and the faithful in great numbers approached the holy chalice to unite with our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us be wise and heed our heavenly protector, Prophet and Forerunner Saint John, so that we may hope in God’s mercy and the salvation of our souls.

Glorious Forerunner, now straighten our paths on which we spiritually tread, so that our Savior may come to our hearts and grant us eternal life.