Parents, bring your children to Christ

Often, we know what is good for us, and yet we do not do it because it is hard, we are lazy. All right, people are weak, inconsistent, we all fall; we should just beware not to drown into the sin. Did you fall in sin? Stand upright away and run with repentance to Christ. We all have sinful habits which are constantly present in our hearts; we simply should not let them overcome us completely. Is there anyone with no passions and who does not make mistakes? Of course, there is not. We saw that even the great and righteous people such as the Holy Emperor and Prophet David fall; even in terrible sins. However, what makes the Holy Tsar and Prophet David great is his repentance. He did not fall in despair but indulged seriously in repentance, in the metamorphosis of his mind, with teary prayers before God. And later, being purified and endowed with God’s grace, he wrote the most beautiful psalms, which are read in the Church during services to the present day.

Thus, my dear ones, leave everything to God; He will never leave you alone. Have faith in The One Who strives to do us good every single day. We cannot even imagine just how much. And let us receive with faith everything that comes from the Gospel; since every single word of Christ in the Holy Gospel is true and everything comes true. So, let us receive and remember this Christ’s three-part recipe for spiritual health: faith, prayer, and forbearance.

                Archimandrite Parthenius (extract from the sermon “Parents bring your children to Christ”)