Do sorcerers acquire some sort of information? (Part III)

-They are informed, by the devil, but they also tell many lies. But you yourselves should also pay attention in the refectory. You need to be in control of the situation, see what kind of people enter there, because among them may be a person who is involved with sorcery.  Does it sound strange to you? In one of the night-vigils that took place here, there came two individuals who dealt in magic things.  They approached the other people and told them all sorts of things.  They also lied about being associated with Bishop Kantiotis.  They told one of the women “They have placed a spell on you. We can come to your place and break the spell with a crucifix that we have.”  So you see, they actually come along to night-vigils, they talk a little spiritually, and the others simply assume “well, if they have come to the night-vigil and speak spiritually, they must be faithful people” and they proceed to open up their hearts to them.

How they manage to fool people with the lies they tell!  In an attempt to seduce a young woman, this man went up to her and said “Father Paisios saw a vision that I will marry you; here, take this token, without examining what it is exactly” and he gave her something that was magic, but she fortunately didn’t wear it.  She only exclaimed “Is this the kind of thing that Paisios concerns himself with?” and she proceeded to write me a letter – four whole pages long, densely written and full of abusive language…  Such abuse !!!   “That’s alright” I replied, “swear at me as much as you like. It’s worth it, just knowing that you weren’t fooled into wearing that satanic article!”

-Did she know you, Elder?

-No, she didn’t know me.  And I didn’t know them either – not her, nor that man..


The demonic, magical activities

-Elder, what did you tell the students who came today and told you that they had invoked a spirit?

-What could I tell them?  I first gave them a good earful!  What they did was a denial of the faith. From the moment that they invoked the devil and accepted him, they denied God. That’s why I told them that, to begin with, they should go and confess everything with sincerity, and from now on to take care and go to church regularly and receive Holy Communion with the blessing of their spiritual father in order to be purged.  They had extenuating circumstances, because they are youngsters and they did it because they saw it as a game.  If they were older, they would have been severely harmed; the devil would have acquired immense power over them… nevertheless, they are still being shaken by the devil…

-What exactly did they do, Elder?

-What many others do… they place a glass of water on a table, and they position the letters of the alphabet around the glass… A..B..C.. etc.  Then they dip their finger in the water and they invoke the spirit – that is, the devil. The glass then moves around, and it stops in front of consecutive letters and forms words.  They invoked the spirit, so, when it arrived, they asked it “Does God exist?”  “He doesn’t exist!” it replied.  “Who are you?” they asked again.  “Satan!” it replied.  “Does Satan exist?”  “He does!”   Talk about gross idiocy!  God doesn’t exist, but the devil does ??When they asked it again if God exists, it replied “Yes, He does”.   One “yes” and one “no” and the youngsters got confused.  That was how God arranged for things to happen, in order to help them.  One of the girls in that group was struck by the glass. God permitted this, so that the others would be jolted into realization.

Nowadays, there are many who, when wishing to harm another person, resort to “witch doctors” who use waxen voodoo dolls.  The sorcerers have turned this into a game.

-Elder, what exactly do they do?

-They make a doll out of wax, and, when someone asks them to cause harm to a personal enemy – say, for example, to harm his enemy’s eyes – they stick a needle into the doll’s eyes and repeat the name of the person that they intend to harm, and at the same time utter various spells.  And it is a fact – if the targeted person lives a sinful life and does not confess – he will indeed be struck by a demonic force in his eyes.  His eyes will feel as though they are being ripped out with an excruciating pain!  He will do all sorts of medical exams, but the doctors will not be able to find what the cause is.

And see what damage mediums also cause!  It isn’t enough that they take money from people, they even break up families!  For example, someone goes to a medium and discusses a problem that they have.  “Look here”, the medium says, “a relative of yours – a dark-haired, tall woman etc… has been casting spells on you”.  So, that person begins a search to discover which relative has those characteristics. He will eventually find a woman that fits the description, even if approximately.  “Ah”, he will think, “this is surely the one who has been casting spells on me” and will inevitably begin to feel a hatred towards her. And that poor woman will be totally oblivious of the situation – not to mention she may have even been his benefactor – and will now find herself confronting his exasperation towards her and not wanting to even see her!  So that person goes back to the medium and is advised that: “Now we must break the spells, but to do that, you need to pay some money”.  “Well”, he will think to himself, “since the medium discovered the spells, I should pay up!” ….. Money, money, money….

Do you see what the devil does?  He plants scandals. A good person, even if he does know something about someone else, will never say “So-and-so has harmed you”; instead, he will try to help him.  He will advise him, to not make any negative thoughts, but to go to confession and not be afraid.  That way, he helps both. Because when the one who intended to cause harm notices that he is being treated with kindness, he will stop to ponder (in the good sense) and will repent.

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