How are the spells broken? (Part V)

-If spells do work, Elder, how can they be broken?

-With repentance and confession.  That’s why we must firstly locate the cause that made the spells work; the person must understand the error of his ways, repent and confess.  So many people come to my Hut who are terribly tormented because someone has placed spells on them, and they say: “Say a prayer for me, to get rid of this torment!”  They ask for my help, without first trying to find where the evil started so that they might correct it.  In other words, to discover what their fault was – which caused the spells to work on them – then to repent and confess so that their torment may end.

-Elder, when someone who has been put under an evil spell reaches such a state where he can’t even help himself – to confess etc. – can others help him ?

-They can invite a priest to his home to perform the Holy Unction or read Prayers of Sanctification. They can give him to drink of the holy water so that the evil element can recede a little, and Christ enter inside that person.  This is what a mother did for her child and was helped.  She had told me that her son suffered immensely, because they had placed him under an evil spell.

 “He should go to confession”, I had advised her. 

“How can he go, father, to confession, in the condition he’s in?” 

“Then tell your spiritual father to come to your home, to read the Sanctification  Prayers and then give your son to drink some of the holy water. But will he drink it?”

“He will drink it” she replied.

“Well then, begin with the holy water” I suggested, “then try to get the youth to speak to the priest. If he confesses, the priest will kick out the demon.”

And she did, in fact, heed my advice and the young man was helped. After a while, he was able to go to confession and he recovered.

Another woman – poor soul – what do you think she did?  Her husband had become involved with sorcerers and didn’t even want to wear a Cross on him.  To help him somewhat, she sewed a tiny Cross into the lapel of his jacket.  Once, when he had to cross a bridge to get to the opposite bank of a river, he heard a voice calling out to him:  “Tasso!  Tasso! Take off your jacket, and we can cross the bridge together!”

Fortunately it was cold, so he said:  “Why take it off?  I’m cold!”

“Take it off!  Take it off, so we can cross over!” he heard the same voice calling out to him.

That wicked devil!  He intended to throw him into the river but was unable to, because he had that tiny Cross on him.  He finally threw him down, in another spot on the bridge.  In the meantime, his folks were looking for him, all through the night. They found the poor fellow sprawled on the bridge.  If it wasn’t so cold, he would have taken off his jacket and the devil would have tossed him into the water.  He was protected by the Cross that was in his lapel.  His poor wife was a strong believer.  If she didn’t have any faith, would she have done that for him?


Collaboration between sorcerers and demons

-Elder, can’t a man who has sanctity expose or hinder a sorcerer ?

-How can he stop him? It’s hard enough telling someone who is even a little God-fearing to be careful because the way he is living will not lead to something good; if he won’t change his ways, then how much less will the sorcerer who collaborates with the devil? What can you do with him? You could tell him a few things, but he will continue to be with the devil. Only when the sorcerer is in front of you and you say the Prayer, the demon may get confused and the sorcerer will be unable to do his business…

There was a person who had a problem, and a sorcerer – who was a big con artist – went to his house in order to help him. The person however was saying the Prayer; he was a simple person – he didn’t know that the other man was a sorcerer – and that’s why God intervened. And look what God permitted to happen, so that he might realize!  The sorcerer began to be beaten by the demons, and he had to cry out for help from the man whose problem he went to solve!

-Elder, was that man able to see the demons?

-He couldn’t see the demons! All he could see was a bizarre sight: the sorcerer crying out for help, tumbling around, falling down, putting his hand up to protect his head…. Because don’t imagine that sorcerers have it easy; or that the demons always respond to their wishes.  It is enough for them that he denied Christ once. At first, sorcerers make a deal with demons to receive their help, and the demons submit to them for a few years. But after a while, they say “are we still going to be bothered with you?”  Especially if sorcerers don’t succeed in doing what the demons want – have you any idea what they suffer afterwards?

I remember once, when talking outside my Hut with that young sorcerer from Tibet: he suddenly got up, grabbed my arms and twisted them behind my back, saying “now let’s see your Chief free you!”.

“Get the hell away from here!” I said to him, and threw him down. The nerve of him, blaspheming the Saint!  He then tried to strike me with his foot, but his foot stopped short of my mouth.  God protected me. I left him, and returned to my cell. Then after a while I saw him coming back towards me, covered with thorns. “Satan punished me” he said, “because I didn’t defeat you.  He dragged me through the shrubs”.

The black powers of darkness are powerless. People make them powerful with their alienation from God, because that’s when they give the devil rights.”