Archimandrite Parthenius met with the esteemed academician Stephen Vodenicharov

During his visit to the Republic of Bulgaria after the award ceremony for the honorary prize of the EU Parliament “European Citizen”, our Elder, Archimandrite Parthenius, had a meeting with the esteemed scientist and scholar, academician Stephen Vodenicharov, a president of the Metal Chemistry Institute and former President of the Bulgarian Science Academy. The meeting instigated a conversation about the Christianity, which gives a complete freedom not just to the human personality, but also to all the nations around the world. The two co-speakers agreed that there is a need for even greater more profound cooperation between the Balkan nations.   

Academician Stephen Vodenicharov is considered a great supporter of the Republic of Macedonia on its way to integration into the European family. At the initiative of academician Vodenicharov and the former President of MASA, the academician Vlado Kambovski, there have been many joint projects between the two academies, also due to him, a greater closeness had been achieved between MOC and BOC during the celebration of the holiday of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in 2014.