Sports Event in Honor of the Great Jubilee “1000 Years of Bigorski Monastery”

Today, to our great joy and in anticipation of the feast “Birth of Saint John the Baptist – Ivanden”, a group of athletes, who have been practicing various sports disciplines in the beautiful Mavrovo region for many years, dedicated their sports feats to the great Jubilee – 1000 years since the founding of Bigorski Monastery.

Participation was taken by sports-climbing clubs from our country (SCK Extreme – Skopje, SCK Karpoš – Skopje, SCK Vertical – Bitola, SCK Astibo – Štip, SCK Carp for Everyone – Demir Kapija), members of the Sports Climbing Federation, under the leadership of the president, Mr. Vladimir Trpovski, and their challenge was to climb the attractive and world-famous routes in the Mavrovo Cave.

On Thursday, in the afternoon hours, from the border crossing Strezimir, three experienced mountaineers and alpinists: Mario Šarevski, Maja Boškoska, and Vojkan Nedkovski, for the first time in the history of Macedonian mountaineering, passed a traverse along the mountain range Korab-Dešat-Krčin following this route of movement:

Šerupa – Ziberova Kula – Golema Korabska Vrata (camp) – under Bel Vrv and Crna Čuka – Kepi Bard – Kobilino Pole (camp 2)- Golem Korab – Mal Korab – Boazi – Izgrevno Lake – under Derza, Crn Kamen, Šupla Stena – Škrtеc (camp 3) – Plača – High hill – Inoska – Velivar – St. Nedela – Krčin. Thereby, they covered a distance of 70 km, with an ascended altitude of 4377m., in a duration of 31:48 hours, of which actively walking 22:21 hours.

It was particularly pleasing for these brave athletes to wear the jubilee T-shirts of Bigorski Monastery during their sporting activities, as a sign of support and undisguised joy for the greatness and significance of the 1000-year anniversary of the founding of the Bigorski Monastery. In the end, they visited the ancient Bigorski sanctuary and paid homage to the miraculous icon of Saint John the Baptist, and shortly afterwards, they were all greeted by our beloved Elder, Archimandrite Partenij, who with special love, pleasure, and admiration for their sports feat in honor of the Jubilee, heartily thanked and blessed them for new successful spiritual-physical climbs and sports achievements.

May God bless all those who took part and contributed to the realization of this truly beautiful event, which managed to be held even under conditions of increased measures for protection and prevention from the coronavirus, while not deviating from the stated government recommendations.