The Nativity of St John the Baptist

Today we celebrate the Great Forerunner, “The greatest among those born from a woman”, “the bright sparkle that precedes the Light”, “the warrior who announced the coming of the King of all creation”, the voice of the Logos and the bright star that shows us the way to the Sun of Justice. He gathered all faithful Orthodox to his feast and endowed them with a heavenly blessing from above. The inconceivable mystery of today marks the beginning of its fulfilment: The Old Testament history reaches its end because the one who is great and precious in the eyes of the Creator is born today – St. John the Baptist. He is the venerable bridge between the Old and the New Testament, the angel of the wilderness, who shelters the quiet monks and protects those Christians who struggle every day with the temptations of family life. On this day, we venerate the greatest among all the prophets and remember His words, which flow from His sacred mouth like powerful waves and glittering rays, because they are more precious than gold and priceless gems. Therefore, with all our being we join all those who have obeyed his preaching of repentance so that we could be made worthy to receive His mercy.

Indeed, great is the glory and honour of the God-renowned Forerunner and Baptist of Christ. So today he gathered his faithful children at the Bigorski Monastery to celebrate his holy birth. Rejoice the warm hearts of the monks, praising him incessantly, together with the faithful who celebrate him, glorifying the goodness of God towards humankind, manifested in his person. The graceful atmosphere of the all-night vigil nourished our souls, and the presence of our esteemed Archpastor, Metropolitan of Debar and Kichevo, Mr Timothy, as well as the Metropolitan of Bregalnica, Mr Hilarion and His Eminence, the Metropolitan of Tetovo and Gostivar, Mr Joseph, enriched the festive ceremony, which continued the next morning with the communion of the Divine Liturgy, the grace of which poured into the hearts of all present in the church of the Forerunner.