(video) Three monastic tonsures at the monastery feast in Rajchica

While celebrating the Holiday of all holidays which came to us as a spiritual spring  and a lavish source of grace – the bright and glorious Resurrection of the One Who is the Path, the Truth and the Life Itself – we also rejoice over the renowned Great Martyr who followed that Path, Truth and Life all the way to his earthly end: Behold the spring of grace is coming, the Resurrection of Christ glitters everywhere, and the Trophy Bearer George increases this glow with his all-celebrating and luminous day. It’s so joyful and beneficial to the soul to celebrate this warrior of Christ, who is the glory of Martyrs, praise to the Saints and an embellishment of Heavens and the triumphant Church. There is no Christian soul who hasn’t at least once mentioned his name in prayer, there is no Christian country which doesn’t boast with its churches dedicated to him, nor is there a temptation that his ardent prayer cannot overcome. He has embraced the Church with his self-denying love and brings support everywhere around the Universe. Even in the places where the Orthodoxy suffers and the misty fog of idolatry still suffocates everything, he descends uninvited and comforts with the presence of his heavenly love. Thus, the name he carries doesn’t only denote him as a warrior brave in his suffering, but also as a true fulfillment of love, both during his earthly life and beyond it, through all centuries. This Divine love which burns in his heart makes him a participant in all of the prayerful endeavors of faithful. 

Therefore, he is being celebrated with great joy, pride and gratitude by the Rajchica Monastery, which relies on his prayerful intercession in every crucial moment of its existence. Even now, when in the eve of his holiday it places before him its three new children, expecting the blessing granted from Heavens. Hearts tremble with excitement, the numerous guest glitter, awaiting anxiously that wonderful moment when all the eyes and prayers would unite in the sight of the three sisters lying before the altar in a shape of a cross. Then in the solemn silence everyone holds his breath in order to hear the new names which would seal this new birth. A birth and a life lived only for God. A life spent in humble obedience to the Elder and the sisters. A life almost angelical, for the glory of angels and defeat of demons. Is there a greater honor than to yield his short temporary life in order to gain eternity, serving with love and devotion to the One who had already given His life for our sake? Such honor was given to the three Rajchica novices Mimoza, Florina and Christine, who, taking their wows before the heavenly and earthly Church, attained through the hand of our beloved Bishop, a blessing for a life spent in a monastic fit. So, sisters Philothea, Photini and Christine were born. The joy is great even for a single new angelical soul, but when the wows are taken by three beloved children of our Elder, then who could possibly describe his longing, hope and love and care and joy that burn in his heart at that very moment! With a paternal look he watches over them as they stand with lowered heads and burning candles raised high, before their Creator and a Bridegroom, humbly speaking to Him in a sweetest voice: Grant unto me the robe of light, O Most Merciful Christ our God, Who dost clothe Thyself with light as with a garment.

Prayerfully inspired by the three new nuns who joined the holy Rajchica sisterhood, our shepherd expressed his spiritual joy through wonderful advices addressed to them.