The Army of the Victorious Saint Conquers Struga with a Magnificent Litany

The glorious Warrior of Christ, the praise of martyrs, the adornment of the Church, and the protector of the state, the Great Martyr Saint George, this year, the day after his radiant annual commemoration, blessed the beautiful city of Struga and our entire homeland.

After the communal prayers directed to God and His gloriously suffering martyr during the patronal vespers service in the church of the Saint, the magnificent Litany commenced its splendid procession. Announced by a special marshal, dressed in an authentic Roman military uniform in honor of St. George, and led by the sounds of the clapper, flags, and church banners, and the harmonious blend of melodies from the Skopje City Orchestra and the voices of the chanters, the prayerful Litany dignifiedly passed through the main streets of Struga, casting forth with a strong spiritual glow the rays of blessing from the honorable relics of the glorious Great Martyr from Rajcica and his miraculous icon.

Our highly esteemed bishops, the competent Metropolitan of Debar-Kichevo, Mr. Timotej, and the Metropolitan of Europe, Mr. Pimen; Archimandrite Nektarij, abbot of the Monastery of St. Naum; our beloved Elder, Archimandrite Partenij, and our entire monastic community; the clergy of our sacred diocese; young men and women from Struga dressed in folk costumes, and thousands of faithful and admirers of the Victorious Saint from Struga and all corners of Macedonia, were part of the grandeur of this unique celebration in our region. The most honorable Struga residents, who this year carried the resurrection-decorated floral canopy with the fragrant relics, were Mr. Klime Poposki, Mr. Nikola Nestor, Mr. Stefan Kochoski, and Mr. Gjorgi Mitanoski. A special adornment of the Litany this time was the Bigorska ceremonial guard composed of four captains – serdars, dressed in richly embroidered Miyak costume with a medallion on their chests depicting the Honorable Forerunner and another sixteen guards also in traditional Miyak costume with a medallion of the Victorious Great Martyr, who served as guardians of the holy relics.

Today’s exalted event in Struga once again demonstrated that the army of St. George – the great and invincible Commander of the Heavenly King, carrying love as its strongest weapon, spreads God’s peace, heavenly joy, and the spirit of unity and cohesion everywhere.May the Great Martyr Saint George, who faithfully served his earthly state and bravely suffered for the heavenly one, intercede before the Lord Jesus Christ, for the supreme peace to reign in our society, and through his prayers, may we too inherit the eternal Homeland!