The Resurrection of Christ – Holy Easter

A day of complete purification and salvation shines today with mighty heavenly light. The joy of the angels and the celestial song overwhelms the earthly beings. Man becomes one with God in an indissoluble union of love and glory. A celebration of human resurrection and the opening of the doors to eternity.

Our Bigorski Monastery has been our Jerusalem these days, where the greatest events for human salvation took place, and the crown of eternal victory – the victory over death – was proclaimed with joy by our Elder and Abbot, Bishop Partenij, who transmitted it to every present soul after the resurrection.

With Paschal delight and exclamation, the Elder spoke about the Resurrection as his witness, with words full of grace and power.

Let us rejoice with the glorious joy of the Resurrection, for “the old has passed away, behold, everything has become new,” everything has been transformed into joy, and everything is filled with light.