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Away from the madding crowd, in a Macedonian monastery

By Seamus Kearney There is nothing like a monastery for quiet reflection, away from the madding crowd, but they are not always places you can visit or stay. One Macedonian monastery is different, however, opening its doors to visitors in the…

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Macedonian Postcards: The Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery

In this episode of Macedonian Postcards we discover more of the beautiful Mavrovo National Park. Our visit today is to an ancient monastery set high in the hills, the Bigorski Monastery of St. John the Baptist (Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery).…

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Saint Jovan Bigorski – a faith healing monastery

High above the city crowd, nestled in the untouched upland scenery, the St Jovan Bigorski Monastery (dedicated to St John the Forerunner, or St John the Baptist) is fantastically placed. The monastery is 2 kilometers from Rostushe, a village in…